Lightweight XC Bags

Compact size when rolled up

lightweight glider bags for Hang gliders and rigid wings. Full length No 8 YKK zip with 2 zip sliders. Made from lightweight 4oz PU coated polyester material the total weight is approx 850g for a 5.6 metre bag. The material is strong enough to resist small abrasions.

The size when folded up is very compact to fit into most modern harnesses. Normally the volume is 50% of a standard Manufacturers bag, and up to half the weight.

Colours available

  • British camouflage green
  • Olive green
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Grey

Compact size when folded flat

XC bags are shower resistant PU coated material.

Perfect camouflage for your glider when you have landed out in a green grass field on a cross country flight.

New colour now available

New olive green colour xc bag for 2017 same weight material

Two zip sliders per bag

Rigid Wing Bags

Rigid wing bags have heavy duty zipper No10 YKK with 1 zip slider.

The XC bags are a curved profile to fit the different circumference of the glider wing.

The blue xc bags are the same material as the camouflage bags

Custom made to suit your glider

New colour grey/green

New colour for 2022

Custom colours available

Digital 2oz material only 500 grams in weight